3 on 3 Tournament

When: Saturday, August 17

Registration Deadline: Tuesday, Aug. 13 

Time: 7 am- 3 pm

Price: $40 per player

3-5 players per team (players must list team name on registration form)

X game guarantee

-Players must be the age of or below once tournament play begins.

-Players may appear on only one team roster 


Each team will be given a 30 second timeout per game


Players will be given x minutes to warm up before the game.

Only those teams scheduled to play are allowed to occupy the court at the scheduled time


 -1 referee assigned per court

- The Official has absolute authority to control play on his or her court, including the right to „sit‟ a player for a period of time, eject a player(s) from a game or games, and/or eject a player(s) from the tournament. Higher authority cannot change the judgment decisions of the Official. Only questions concerning rule interpretation are appealable.


1. Field goals inside of the 3 pooint line will be awarded 

2. Field goals scored beyond the 3 point line will be awarded 


- After the ball hits the rim, when the defensive team secures the rebound, they must take it back behind the 3 point line to go on offense.