Elite Skills Training

1 on 1 Training

These workouts are customized for each player and are designed to help them grow their skills physically and mentally on the court. The first session will be used as an evaluation and measure player's abilities on the court. Concluding the evaluation, we will work with parents to come up with a customized plan to develop each player.


1 on 1 Training Cost:
$60 for 1 session 

$200 for 4 sessions ($50 per session)

$360 for 8 sessions($45 per session)

**The shooting machine can be added to group or individual sessions upon request.

Group Sessions:

Group sessions are designed to give players benefits of team based drills, team building skills, and concept drills. We work on individual skills but also focus on: moving without the ball (cuts), decision making, and passing.  Players bring their competitiveness and teamwork together to push each other past their limits.

Parents can still put together group sessions for kids that want to practice together or are on the same team. 


Group Training Cost:

$30 for 1 session

$100 for 4 sessions ($25 per session)

Skills/Scrimmages: 1.5 hours

Cost: $20 per session, 10-15 players

Skills/scrimmages are the perfect way to practice skills and test them out on the court right after. With our skills/scrimmages, players will go through 30-45 minutes of skill-work and then have a controlled scrimmage to apply what they've learned in a competitive atmosphere.

Shooting Sessions Using the Brand New 10k Shooting Gun by Shootaway

Shooting sessions are designed to give players a high number of reps shooting the ball and work on footwork, balance, fundamentals, game-situations, shooting under-pressure, and more. We will focus on catch-and-shoot, pull-up jump shots, shot creation, floaters, and shooting off of screens. 


In group trainings, players should expect to get up 200-300 shots. Along with a high number of reps, we will have different focuses in each session. 

In a private training players can shoot anywhere from 500-1000+ in an hour. These high volume sessions are recommended for players that play at a high level and need to get reps up between practices.

Click here to see examples of the shooting gun in action.

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