Girls Only Skills Sessions

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*Bring a ball to every session* 

Skills we will focus on are:

  • Shooting Form: form, posture, mechanics, footwork

  • Different Types of Shots: Free throws, mid-range, 3 pointers, catch and shoot, pull-up jumpers, shooting off of screens *Lots of repetition*  

  • Moving Without the Ball: straight cuts, v-cuts, curls, back door cuts

  • Ball Handling: Protecting the dribble, keeping eyes up while dribbling, creating separation from defenders, 2-ball dribbling, fingertip dribbling, counter moves

  • Defense: Form, footwork, on-ball defense, help-side defense

  • Passing: Chest passes, bounce passes, overhead passes, post entries 

  • Moves Before the Dribble: First step, shot fake, jab step, rip through, being strong with the ball)

  • Finishing: layups, reverse layups, power layups, jump-stops, floaters, touch and angles around the rim

  • Combinations and options from different areas of the floor: Attacking & creating for others, decision making, reading help-side defenders, 

  • All first time players will be required to fill out a registration form upon arrival before sessions start.


  • First time registrants be sure to have same email you payed with. 

  • For all other questions I can be reached at           224-231-7788 via call or text. I can also be reached by email at

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