How to find a basketball instructor:


When choosing a basketball trainer you want to make sure they meet a few requirements:  


-Determine how to help your child specifically(not just generic workouts).

-Make sure they ASK AND UNDERSTAND your child’s goals, how to get to them, and what they plan to implement in doing so. Don’t just go to a training just to go. Make sure your child is improving and you can see the progress.

-Break the training and training sessions down to points that your child can understand. Missing steps can be crucial to player development later on, and moving to slow is a waste of your money. 

Make sure you pick a quality trainer and pay attention to your child’s progress. Creating good habits in the beginning leads to easier transitions in the future.  


Options Basketball has workouts tailored specifically for your child. We closely monitor their progress and adjust workouts weekly to ensure they are improving at their maximum potential.