Customized Video Workouts

Workouts players can do at a local gym, at home in the driveway, or even a park. No more excuses!!

Customized training at a fraction of the price.


As a trainer, the question always comes up about what kids can do at home to practice their skills. If you want to get better, you must practice more than the once per week!

In the past two years, Options Elite Basketball has come up with a great system so that players can get a great workout whether they are at a local gym, at home in the driveway, or at a nearby park. There is no excuse not to get better. These workouts can be supplemental to player's current workouts or provide them with primary workouts while they are in season for another sport and can't get in the gym.

How it works:  


  • We will start by discussing goals and the best way to achieve them. We will discuss what areas need to be developed and create a schedule that players can stick to.

  • Players will have personal, customized workouts sent straight to the parents and player's phones. (We will be able to see when players have completed their workout and will follow up with parents for consistency). ​

  • Players will complete workouts in specific time periods (Usually within a day or two of it being assigned. The scheduled workouts will be determined with parents on the initial consultation.

  • Workouts will be comprised of anywhere between 5-15 videos. The number of videos will vary each workout based on skills needed to work on. Each video will include notes next to it explaining points of emphasis, number of reps to complete, and reminders for the players while doing the drill.

"Don't let excuses hold you back from becoming a better player. If you want to become a better player, the time is now. While you're making up your mind to become a better player, there are thousands in the gym right now."