Shooting Machine Sessions with the Brand New 10k Shooting Gun

The first 1 on 1 shooting session will be for $40 for a limited time!!


1 on 1 Training

Cost: $60 for 1 session, $200 for 4 sessions ($50 per session),

$360 for 8 sessions ($45 per session)

Group Sessions:

Cost: $30 per session, $100 for 4 sessions ($25 per session)


Shooting sessions are designed to give players a high number of reps shooting the ball and work on footwork, balance, fundamentals, game-situations, shooting under-pressure, and more. We will focus on catch-and-shoot, pull-up jump shots, shot creation, floaters, and shooting off of screens. 


In group trainings, players should expect to get up 200-300 shots. Along with a high number of reps, we will have different focuses in each session. 

In a private training players can shoot anywhere from 300-700 in an hour. These high volume sessions are recommended for players that play at a high level and need to get reps up between practices.

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