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Welcome to Options Basketball

Hi I’m Coach Josh, owner of Options Basketball. I created Options Basketball to help players develop on the court by strengthening skills such as ball handling, shooting, court awareness, defensive positioning, and increasing overall basketball IQ. Options Basketball was also created to help players in areas outside of basketball such as building character, learning life skills, and learning how not to give up. There is always another option!

I started playing basketball when I was in junior high. I loved it, and I played all the way through high school including AAU leagues in the summer. Basketball was a year round job. I didn’t have a chance to play in college because of having kids early out of high school, but was fortunate to be able to play at the semi-pro level refining my game and enjoying the sport. I needed more support with basketball and school at a young age to reach my full potential, but unfortunately did not get what I needed. I now have a family and my attention has been to take care of them these recent years, and I now want to help players by training, mentoring, and supporting them to succeed and reach their goals of obtaining a college scholarship, becoming the best player they can be, and playing after college as well.

I have two young sons who are just getting old enough to understand what basketball is. I’ve always enjoyed helping others develop their skills and reach their goals like my coaches did for me, and my sons have renewed that passion. Because of my personal experience, I want to help aspiring college and professional level players reach their goals and fill in gaps that they struggle with both on the court and in day to day life. I feel blessed to have had the career that I did. It allowed me to do what I love professionally, and I want to enable others to have that experience and even go further than I did by providing them with a level of help and guidance that I didn’t have access to. I believe my team at Options Basketball team and I can create a positive impact on the lives of many players expanding their opportunities, improving their chances to play at the next level, and helping them reach new goals and new heights.

I believe in getting to know players on an individual level. I’ve experienced working with many trainers that don’t even ask about their player’s goals and what they are trying to achieve, and I see this problem persisting today. Trainers must get to know their players, they must get to know their family and the people around them. They must learn and understand their personal goals in basketball, goals off the court, and day to day life in order to offer effective advice.

In this blog and through my work here at Options Basketball, my team and I will focus on helping players 1) understand and 2) increase their options on and off the court. We break it down into four areas of focus:

1) Understanding your options ON the court: Players know what position they play and if they are a good shooter or ball handler. They must understand their strengths to further the growth of their weaknesses. Your strength and weaknesses are usually based on what you currently practice. If you go to the gym and shoot a bunch of shots and rarely work on your ball handling, you will be a better shooter than ball handler. Most players tend to label themselves based off of what they hear from their parents, coaches, and peers and this can sometimes be limiting. They must understand where they are at currently, so they can know where they need to get to.

2) Understanding your options OFF the court: Players need to know what opportunities they have in front of them and how they can help them in the long run. These include choosing the right camps and events to go to, the right AAU team you’re playing for, and the skills training you are receiving outside of your organized teams. These are all based on the individual and will not be the same for any two players.

3) Increasing your Options On the court: We want players to be the best that they can possibly be. Players play in different basketball systems and under different coaching styles, and unfortunately some players are not able to showcase their full potential because of that. We help players with decision making in game situations and point out and strengthen weaknesses without losing current skillset. We also teach things to increase court vision, develop court awareness, and increase overall basketball IQ. We are here to help players thrive in their current system, but also increase other skills so that they have more options.

4) Increasing your options OFF the court: There are so many players that miss out on opportunities because of not knowing what options they have. Options Basketball works with players on academics and eligibility. We work with players to look at colleges and schools based on their specific academics, life goals, and basketball skill level. We want to help develop character so they are ready for any challenges they may face ahead. We are here to keep players updated on new opportunities and help them stay informed of key information throughout the recruiting process.

There’s plenty of information out there, but it is hard to figure out which pieces of advice make sense for you. Options basketball is a place where you can come and find the answers to anything basketball and recruitment related. If you don’t find the answer or you’re not sure if it aligns with your goals and situation, ask us please! There are probably others with that same question in similar shoes.

Options basketball is highly focused on skill development and training. It is also a resource for parents and players to learn about the college recruitment process, general scholarship information, the importance of AAU and high school basketball, what opportunities there are after college, how to conquer and expand your current recruitment goals, and anything else related to the recruiting process.

Every player should have a chance to increase their options and improve their game.

With Options Basketball, I believe the player, parent, and our staff can work together as one and ultimately reach every goal set, especially a college scholarship!

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