The Options Training Program

The Options Training Program is our signature coaching program with custom tailored drills to improve you game and help you meet your goals. Whether you're at the high-school level looking for in depth skills improvement to help win a D1 scholarship, at the professional level looking to refine specific skills, or earlier on in learning about the game of basketball our coaches will spend the time with you 1 on 1 to learn about your goals and develop a program that helps you exceed them.

How It Works

Getting Started

For all players, we start the program with a free 15 minute consultation over the phone. This is time for us to learn about you. Your level of experience with the game, your goals, and your story. It's also time for you to ask questions and for us to tell you about how we can help coach you to success. At the end of the phone call, we'll wrap up by scheduling the start date for your training program.

The Virtual Coaching Advantage

We use the power of technology to deliver high quality virtual coaching through your computer or mobile device that offers several advantages for our players over traditional coaching:

  • Workouts Last All Week Our coaches create a workout plan that lasts all week ensuring you are getting better every time you go to the gym as compared to traditional 1-1 sessions

  • Feedback When You Need It - Often players only can meet their trainer in person once a week or once every other week; Connecting virtually allows us to give feedback much more quickly to help you make faster progress

  • Price - connecting virtually allows us to save money meaning that we spend more time focused on your game and pass along savings to you

  • Flexibility - our coaches can connect with you anywhere from your local gym to your living room, even on the road; we can easily adapt to make sure you get other important things done like your homework without sacrificing your game

Success Stories

I used to play ball with Coach Josh when we were both in high school. Even then he knew a lot about the game and was passionate about sharing that knowledge. He helped me round out several of my skills, especially my footwork, shot, and ball handling which ultimately resulted in my receiving several opportunities to play at the D2 and D3 level in college. 

Chris Baker

Los Angeles, CA

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Hit The Ground Running

Once you're in the program, you'll be engaging 1-1 with your coach every week or even more frequently depending on your plan.

A typical week of training for one of our players looks like this:

  • The coach will create a custom training plan for the week including videos of each drill and custom instructions tailored for the player

  • Player and coach meet 1 on 1 through a video call to review progress from the previous week, review the new drills, and discuss the week's plan

  • Player completes workouts regularly in his or her local gym

  • Player takes videos of himself or herself doing each drill once and sends them to the coach using their cellphone

  • The coach provides feedback on the videos throughout the week to help the player improve as needed